On Star Parties and Vodka Watermelon

On Star Parties and Vodka Watermelon

Fort Wilkins in Copper Harbor will host a star party August 9

Fort Wilkins in Copper Harbor will host a star party August 9

We’re approaching mid-August and Perseid meteor shower time, potentially one of the best opportunities to see dozens of meteors streak across the night skies. I’m hoping to experience the star show with friends around an Up North campfire, kinda sorta like I did when I was just out of high school and a bunch of us got together before heading off to college. Minus the vodka-infused watermelon.

Actually, not much of the vodka entered the watermelon although, even without the aid of the YouTube videos available today (in .47 seconds Google relayed 255,000 options for vodka infused watermelon), I got the concept and was able to figure out how to plug a bottle of booze into the melon. But after several hours the vodka had refused to infuse. Maybe the watermelon didn’t like cheap vodka.

As I recall, both the melon and the drink were consumed in the traditional ways by the assembled high school reunion gang. (This was back in the day when 18 year-olds could legally enjoy adult beverages, as befits anyone who voluntarily joins the U.S. military—or, as was the case then, was eligible for the draft.)

But I digress.

Today I want to share some opportunities for watching the sky among a community of like-minded folks at parks across Michigan. Park entrance fees apply.

I just may try to make that watermelon treat again. I don’t want a reputation as a quitter. Keep an eye out for vodka infused watermelon YouTube video #255,001.


*The Star Party begins at 7 p.m. at Wolcott Mill Metropark in Ray, near Romeo.

*Several Michigan State Parks, from Fort Wilkins at the tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula to Ionia Recreation Area in the Lower Peninsula are hosting “Meteors & S’mores” parties between August 9 and 16 Parks with an asterisk next to the name will offer a free movie before the meteor shower:

Saturday, Aug. 9

Sunday, Aug. 10

Tuesday, Aug. 12

Wednesday, Aug. 13

  • Young State Park (Charlevoix), 10 p.m. (park baseball field across from loop 4)

Thursday, Aug. 14

Friday, Aug. 15

Saturday, Aug. 16

For more information about Meteors & S’mores events at Michigan state parks, check the state park event listings at www.michigan.gov/gogetoutdoors 

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