The Best Pasty Quest: Mackinaw Pastie Goes Global

This crust is different than what I'm used to, in texture and folding

Where are the crimps? this crust is different than what I’m used to, in texture and folding

After years of passing by the cute log cabin near the Mackinac Bridge in Mackinaw City I decided to stop at Hunt’s Mackinaw Pastie & Cookie Co. to sample their take on the pie.

Love the log cabin and Up North feel of this pastie joint

Love the log cabin and Up North feel of this pastie joint

Ahhh, the aroma of pasties when I opened the door! This is not just a carry-out spot; folks at a handful of tables were digging into hot, aromatic pasties, and the joint was jumping with others, like me, picking up pasties to go.

In addition to the basic beef-potato-onion-rutabaga mix wrapped in crust, Mackinaw Pastie offers chicken and vegetarian options and creative variations I’d never imagined. The beef pie topped with a blend of gravy and sour cream and chives becomes Pastie Stroganoff. Taco sauce on top makes it Pastie Grande. With a marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese it is Pastie Italiano.

Talk about pasty blasphemy! I was willing to overlook the use of the spelling (pastie instead of pasty), but traditionalist that I am, I could not consider the international variations. I stuck with the traditional Cornish pies, frozen, since my sister Karen and I would be eating them a day or two later.

Mackinaw Pastie has a legion of fans who can eat in or carry-out

Mackinaw Pastie has a legion of fans who can eat in or carry-out

These were the most unusual pasties I’ve tried. The crust, traditionally a circle that’s folded over the savory contents and crimped around the edge, was kind of wrapped around the mound of filling with ends folded over.

And when we heated it, parts of the crust had a crispy—not flaky and buttery—texture. It reminded me of a fried wonton (though Karen didn’t agree—and maybe it was just the way we warmed it). It was tasty, just different. Aha! A new menu item I call the Pastie Wonton.

Guess I was so overwhelmed by the international pastie menu I forgot to check out the cookies. Next time.

Mackinaw Pastie & Cookie Co. has been in Mackinaw City since 1964, and has two locations at the Tip of Michigan’s Mitten. The log cabin spot near the Mackinac Bridge is open seven days, year ’round.

Mackinaw Pastie & Cookie Company
117 W. Jamet St., Mackinaw City, Michigan
(231) 436-8202

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